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The Albers Angle was launched as a way for me, Justin Albers, to continue to write and share my thoughts about Indiana hoops after my contract expired with in July 2016 and I shifted careers. I’m currently the Lead Journalist at Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division in Crane, Indiana and work on during my free time. This site has grown into something much bigger than I ever anticipated, and I thank you — the readers — for making that possible.

JUSTIN ALBERS has 12 years of experience in the sports journalism field, most recently covering Indiana University basketball and recruiting for He is the founder and editor of, as well as the a co-host and producer of the new ‘Earn Your (Candy) Stripes’ podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @Justin_Albers and email him at

MAX BIELFELDT is a native of Peoria, Illinois and won Big Ten basketball championships at both Michigan and Indiana. Max brings a wealth of Big Ten basketball knowledge and expertise to the table, and he provides unique perspectives about the sport that few others can. Max is a co-host of the ‘Earn Your (Candy) Stripes’ podcast with Justin Albers and also contributes in occasional Facebook Live videos for the site. You can follow Max on Twitter @MaxBielfeldt.

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