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THE TOM CREAN YOU DIDN’T SEE: “Somehow, without seeing me in person, Crean knew I was in a bad place. He was at the bowling alley with a recruit at the time, but stepped away from the visit and helped me. For the next 40 minutes, he spent time communicating with me.”Crean told me I couldn’t lose faith in myself, that I needed to take deep breath and relax. He suggested I take a step back from all the noise in life and talk to God about what path I want to be on.”

2. ON TOM CREAN’S TUMULTUOUS TIME AT INDIANA“In essence, it’s been a tumultuous run of either exceeding expectations when they’re relatively low and falling short of expectations when they’re impossibly high with no real middle ground to be had. It shouldn’t really come as a surprise, then, that fans and the media alike have formed opinions that fall on opposite sides with nothing in the middle.”

2. LUKE’S STORY: “Luke could have been a prisoner to his own body, allowing his perceived defect to control his life and become his reality. He could have complained, cried, cursed at God for making him this way. He could have allowed his disability to win, to condemn him to a life in a wheelchair and on a couch.”


4. TIM PRILLER SHINES IN INDIANA’S LOSS AT PURDUE“Priller is most certainly not the most physically gifted player on the Indiana roster, but he played just as hard and as smart as anybody. Priller’s effort and fundamentally sound play should serve as an example to his teammates.”

5. INDIANA BASKETBALL: WHO’S THE LEADER?: “It’s not easy to be a leader. Ferrell had to learn to be one over the course of four years. The thing about being a leader is you can’t pick and choose days to lead. You have to be a leader every second of every day and every minute of every game, and you have to practice what you preach.”

6. ON THE FUTURE OF OG ANUNOBY: “Anunoby is still projected by most to be a lottery pick, and his knee injury, no matter how devastating for him and the Hoosiers, will not harm his draft stock in any significant way. To be honest, it could actually help Anunoby’s draft stock because NBA general managers will have less film to nitpick on.”

7. WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: YOGI FERRELL WITH THE MAVS“He is on one of the greatest 10-days of all time. He is playing with so much heart both offensively and defensively. He has had some tough matchups, but he has brought it every single night.”

8. YOGI FERRELL VS. 2016 NBA DRAFT CLASS: “Yogi Ferrell exploded for a career-high 32 points in Friday night’s win over the Portland Trail Blazers. Ferrell went undrafted in the 2016 NBA Draft, so here’s a look at how his career night stacks up against those that were drafted back in June.”


10. AN OPEN DISCUSSION BETWEEN A WHITE MAN AND A BLACK MAN IN A DIVIDED AMERICA: “I’d also like to see us as a people stop rushing to judgment so often without all the facts. I know it’s human nature to form an immediate opinion, but that doesn’t mean you have to share it with all the world right away. Wait, listen, learn the facts, then speak out. That includes the President and the media, especially. I know there are fearful African Americans around the country, but there are also terrified police officers and families of police officers. They put their lives on the line and that’s part of the job, but they shouldn’t have to fear for their lives when they walk out their front doors in the morning.”

11. DAN DAKICH SLAMS PROLIFIC PREP FOUNDER“I ain’t worried about some little punk ass like you,” Dakich continued. “So expose me Jeremy! You’ve got an intern that works for you at Prolific Prep, so expose me! What did I do!? Give me the dirt!”

12. YOGI FERRELL SCORES 32 POINTS, HITS 9 3-POINTERS: “By the time the night was over, ‘Yogi Ferrell’ was trending nationally on Twitter. This night belonged to Yogi.”