If you read my site, you know about my issues with the prep school movement in this country and the dirty business it creates.

I started writing about the issue when Paul Scruggs announced earlier this week that he would transfer to the little-known Prolific Prep in California. This came a month into his senior year of classes at Southport, mind you.

The issue has been hotly debated in the state all week, and it came to a head on Friday when Prolific Prep founder Jeremy Russotti foolishly attacked Dan Dakich on Twitter and then even more foolishly agreed to call into Dakich’s Indianapolis radio show on Friday afternoon.

What ensued was some of the most entertaining radio you will ever hear. Dakich completely undressed Russotti for the entire segment. It was an absolute beatdown.

Dakich spent more than 7 minutes berating Russotti for ruining the lives of high school kids. The audio is posted below, but here are some of the highlights.

Russotti begins by telling Dakich to learn how to pronounce his name, and the Dakich domination begins.

“I don’t care. I have so little respect for you, so when you get talking a lot, what we do is, we just turn your mic of so you’re only talking to yourself. I don’t respect you enough to learn your name. You are a punk, you are the dumbest person I know.”

The impetus for the interview, if you want to call it that, is that apparently Russotti threatened to expose Dakich for being a dirty AAU coach in the past. Russotti never mentions that during this segment.

“I ain’t worried about some little punk ass like you,” Dakich continued. “So expose me Jeremy! You’ve got an intern that works for you at Prolific Prep, so expose me! What did I do!? Give me the dirt!”

Jeremy Russotti

“Can you stop talking?,” Russotti responded.

“No! It’s my radio show,” Dakich said. “So I’m letting you, right now, expose me.”

Russotti: “You decided to bash us on Twitter.”

Dakich: “Yes.”

Russotti: “For no apparent reason.”

Dakich: “Alright, let me stop you right there. For no apparent reason, that’s what you said?”

Russotti: “Goodbye, you’re not wanting to speak.”

Dakich: “I figured you would want to leave. I’m going to address it point by point. For no apparent reason? You guys came in, because I talked to everybody involved. You guys came in to a kid, you looked around, and then Kyle Simpson and his assistant are right there while you are talking to a kid about coming to a prep school. A kid that the only reason you know about him is because of Gary Trent Jr., and he’s ranked in the country.

“So you come in and poach a kid. Now, let me ask you a question. When his high school career is over, where is he living? When his college career is over, where is he living?”

Russotti: “Well I will say this, Josh Jackson came from Detroit, Michigan and when he’s done he’s gonna go live in Detroit, Michigan.”

Dakich: “Right. Exactly, exactly right. So what you guys don’t understand that you’re doing is, you come in with all these idiotic things, sponsored by Adidas, and you try to convince these people because you all are making money from it. I know how this deal goes. You’re making money from Adidas.

“Then what ends up happening is, the kid’s gonna go to college, and hopefully he’s smart enough to get a degree. He’s not playing in the NBA. So he’s gonna end up coming back to Indiana like all these kids do and he’s got nothing. He had a chance to be the player of the year in the state, he had a chance to be a legend, had a chance to be the all-time leading scorer.

“It’s not anybody’s fault but yours and your punk-ass ways. And then you come at me, you and your school, and the truth of the matter is, you’re not even a school! You’re a frickin’ AAU program that ships kids. So don’t equate yourself to prep schools like the ones like New Hampton, those out east. You are a fly-by-night organization, you are a punk, you are the dumbest human being that I’ve ever dealt with on Twitter. You didn’t do your research. You poached a kid who’s gonna end up coming back here, he don’t know. His mom and dad don’t know what being Mr. Basketball in the state is. You promised him all this crap with Gary Trent, and ultimately you didn’t do anything but for yourself, not for a kid. The kid would have gone to Michigan State, Indiana, Xavier, whatever, been coached by a great guy in front of 5,000 people. Now you throw all this crap at him, and now he’s gonna be done, come back here, and doesn’t have jack. And what are you gonna do? You’re gonna move on to the next punk, or you’re gonna try to get a college job.

“It’s complete garbage, I have no respect for you, I hope you keep killing me on Twitter, because asses like you have no place in college basketball. And I don’t give a damn what you have to say. I don’t give a damn! So you can go back and say, ‘Dakich didn’t listen.’ I don’t respect you enough to listen. I just to tell you that if I see you face to face, I’ll do the same thing because I think you’re a punk ass and guys like you, and guys that run these things, are ruining kids’ lives and you can kiss my ass. So that’s what I got for you. However you wanna respond to that, I don’t care. But you tell me point blank, what’s the kid gonna have when he comes back because you sold mommy and daddy a bill of goods, you dumb ass.”

Russotti: “What did you do when you went back to Indiana?”

Dakich: “Let me tell you exactly. Because I played at Indiana, because I coached at Indiana, I had 8 million opportunities which led to this, the best job I could ever have, dumb ass. That’s why I say, you don’t understand anything. You don’t have any idea what being a Mr. Basketball in the state of Indiana means. You don’t have any idea, at all, what basketball in the state means. And you guys just sit around there, you throw shoes, we can get you eligible through some bull crap SAT stuff, and then you move on to the next kid. So don’t ask me what I did in the state of Indiana. I’ve raised more money in the state, all because I played at Indiana, have a reputation at Indiana. Again, an example of how stupid you are.”

Russotti: “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.”

Dakich: “OK, that’s what I’m saying, thanks for the phone call, adios. Get his ass out of here. That’s the guy’s answer — ‘blah, blah, blah, blah, blah’ because he doesn’t have an answer. And what I just said is exactly true. I just had to give him a beatdown. He proved exactly what he is — too stupid.”

So there you have it. That was fun, no? It’s impossible for me to understand why Russotti thought it would be a good idea to call into Dakich’s show. And he didn’t even have any sort of a scripted answer to legitimize himself or the shady organization he represents. It doesn’t make any sense, but hey, I’m glad he did because it made for some of the best radio I’ve ever heard, and it allowed Dakich to directly express the sentiments held by so many people in this state and country.

Total word count for the interaction:

Dan Dakich: 935

Jeremy Russotti: 66

I walk away from the interview with an even worse view of this prep school than I did before. How do you feel? Do you have an explanation as to why Russotti would publicly humiliate himself like this? He would have been better off hanging up when he said “goodbye” before Dakich’s long rant.

Anyway, the full audio is posted below courtesy of the great Producer Kyle of 1070 The Fan.



  • Geno Cide

    Dakich made an ass of himself. Why glorify that?
    The notion that if you don’t get all state in Indiana means your life is over is so freaking ridiculous. Scruggs will go to college and it won’t mean a dang thing that he didn’t get his jersey in the rafters at Southport.
    No wonder they didn’t even consider him for the permanent coaching job at IU.
    To call this a beatdown is stupid.

    • Jeff Elkins

      if u know anything about basketball , u would know Dakich is RIGHT…..Rant on DAN….. those of us who love basketball as a pure sport understand what money and bad influences r doing to the gm……..