Oklahoma City Thunder coach Billy Donovan was in Bloomington today to meet with Indiana regarding its open coaching position, multiple sources told me this afternoon.

Donovan flew into Monroe County Airport on a Cessna Citation jet with his wife and two other men, the sources said. The Thunder are off until Sunday when they visit the Houston Rockets in a nationally-televised game.

Donovan was back in Oklahoma City in time for Thunder practice this afternoon.

Donovan led Florida to back-to-back national championships in 2006 and 2007 and has reached four Final Fours and seven Elite Eights in his career. He’s in his second year with the Thunder, a job he took for the opportunity to coach both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Durant departed to join the Golden State Warriors over the summer.

Donovan has a 5-year, $30-million deal with the Thunder, so the Hoosiers would certainly have to pay up to pry him away. But I’m told money is not an issue for Indiana athletic director Fred Glass if he can get the guy he wants.

  • feather

    No one will ever beat Bobby knight …best coach ever for indiana….enough said.I quit watching IU when they have went threw so many coaches …not a fan anymore ….

    • Robert

      Well, aren’t you just a delight.

    • Mark

      Don’t now how you can be a fan of a program and then not, means you were never a fan.

    • Matt

      Assume another non-alumni once fan now not. Go be a Butler, Louisville or Boiler fan, no one gives two sh*ts about your thoughts on IU basketball.

    • Larry The Cable Guy

      Bob Knight sucked for the last 5 years he coached at IU. The game passed him by. His teams were tired of putting up with his out of date coaching style. Your generation of parenting started this concept everyone should get a trophy and get babied. And you are an idiot to not see this.

    • Donivan Williams


      Most IU fans born just early enough to remember the end of the Bob Knight Era have made peace with the situation. These are good IU fans. However there are a few outliers that just can’t seem to get over it. We call these people “morons”.

      And IU fans born after BK appreciate what he did for IU… or at least we did until he recently said during a radio interview that he would never step foot on IU’s campus again and then wished death on the hoosiers that were part of the administration at the time of his firing. So in our minds, he’s not a Hoosier anymore. Hoosiers don’t hate or wish death on other Hoosiers, I’m pretty sure that’s in the bible somewhere. The fans born after the BK era just want to win, (which is why we read articles about the coaching search).

      But tell me “feather”, why do YOU read these articles? You’ve made it clear you’re a Bob Knight fan boy and not a Hoosier, so what do you get out of reading these articles? Is it to overuse/improperly use ellipsis? Or show that you don’t know the difference between “threw” and “through”? If it’s that second grammatical atrocity then let me help you out..

      “Bob Knight THREW a chair, so Myles Brand THREW him out of the university, and only the uneducated are still upset about it”

      “The family was THROUGH with trying to take care of grandpa, so they put him in a nursing home where him and everyone else that still worships Bob Knight can live out their remaining 2-3 weeks doing what they love most: complaining about how horrible IU is now and how much better they were back in the day”.

  • Jim williams

    Whoever Indiana gets as their next coach will never be somebody like coach Knight. Does IU want another coach like Knight? I don’t think they do. It was 30 years ago that IU won a national championship and the times have changed since then. IU needs a coach that can adapt to his talent no matter what he has on his team

    • Caleb Martin

      I really like what you said by “IU needs a coach that can adapt to his talent no matter what he has on his team”.

      That’s what the best programs in the country have.
      Calipari, Coach K, Bill Self and Roy WIlliams do and that’s why they’re competing for championships every single year. IU clearly has elite talent, they’ve shown that by beating those very teams and putting out first round NBA prospects every year.

  • This may or may not be the IU that you remember or dream of but this is the best guy for the job with out a doubt. Proven winner at the college level with consistent excellence. I hope they are willing to pay Donovan!

  • sonny

    Whomever takes the job best be prepared to be fired before contract is up. It disturbs me that you could be coach of the year one year, fired the next.BK was right that the administration at IU is where the fault lays. Fred Glass must never have coached a team to know that just one injury can change the whole dynamics of a team. Shame on us what a class act Crean was.

  • Beaver Soley

    I am a die hard Hoosier fan. I was a Hoosier fan in fourth grade. I never stop liking my red and white stripes colors. Who ever they bring in I hope he could put IU back on top where they belong winning games. Go IU Hoosiers!!!!

  • I was pre-Bob Knight, talking Branch McCracken here; I will root for IU in ALL sports until I die – and then I hope they bury me in candy stripes.

  • Duboy

    He’s my choice now that Alford is out of the picture.

  • John

    So money must have been an issue after all. I was disappointed in the last two hires, and not excited about this. OK if you like middle of the pack program.