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Hello all! We've appreciated all the support we have gotten on the site so far. The metrics have been terrific, and we appreciate all of your support. We hope you will continue to read, give us feedback, and share this site and its content with your friends. We really look forward to seeing what AlbersAngle.com can grow into.

We are currently accepting offers for sponsorships and advertising on our site, and have numerous local Bloomington businesses interested. If you have a business, company, etc. that would like to sponsor our site in some capacity or run advertisements on the site and podcast, please let us know. There are a number of different options for you to consider, and I have listed those below.

If you do decide to sponsor or advertise with us, you will be rewarded for getting in so early with a rate lower than what our numbers suggest we should charge. So I highly recommend getting in early if you are interested.


**If you wanted to, you could send us a video advertisement that could be posted on the site. That’s just an idea, an option, not something you’d have to do.

**At least two ad readings on each episode of our podcast. You can write whatever you want in the script.

**Open and regular communication with me about what you want promoted and when. If you have a special event you want a great turnout for, whatever it might be — you’ll have 24/7 access to me to get that done.


**Negotiable. I’ve mentioned to all interested parties that I would give them a good deal if you have the belief in our concept and are willing to invest early with us.

**I would like to come to terms to at least a 3-month agreement at a set monthly rate, which means you wouldn’t have to pay more when we naturally increase our page visits and following over the course of time.

Interested? Shoot me an email at jmalbers@indiana.edu.




The Tap Bloomington: We are proud to call The Tap our presenting sponsor. If you're not familiar with it, The Tap is a craft beer brewery and bar located at the intersection of Kirkwood Avenue and College Avenue in Bloomington, Indiana. Each day, you'll find 50 hand-selected beers on tap, and the draft beer menu changes every day. The Tap also brews 20 of its own delicious beers and features 400 bottled beers. The Tap has live trivia on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, live music on the weekends, and sports on TV every night, including Indiana basketball! Their food menu is one of a kind, and their atmosphere is one you're sure to find comfortable and fun. To see a full beer menu or upcoming events, visit TheTapbeerbar.com. Tell your bartender AlbersAngle sent you!

INDIANA CHIROPRACTIC AND REHAB: We are excited to announce a new sponsorship with with Dr. Aaron Mobley and his company, Indiana Chiropractic and Rehab. Dr. Mobley is an IU graduate and he truly cares for his patients and believes their healthcare needs should always come first. The holistic approach to healthcare provided at Indiana Chiropractic and Rehab is an integrated one with one collaborative goal -- helping the patient! In addition to diversified adjusting techniques in rehabilitation, Dr. Mobley has the resources to provide his patients with the most up to date chiropractic and rehabilitation care! When visiting his office you might see his young kids “helping” in the office, his wife too! Helping people of all ages with acute and/or chronic pain takes a special person and Dr. Mobley is it! For more information, visit bloomchiro.net.