Indiana came up short in Tuesday’s 86-75 loss against arch-rival Purdue in West Lafayette, but Tim Priller gave the Hoosiers solid minutes in the second half.

With De’Ron Davis and Thomas Bryant both dealing with foul trouble, the sparingly-used Priller stepped on and provided a career-high 6 points in an effort to keep IU close.

Priller is most certainly not the most physically gifted player on the Indiana roster, but he played just as hard and as smart as anybody. Priller’s effort and fundamentally sound play should serve as an example to his teammates.

Watch the highlights from Priller’s 5 minutes of action in the embedded video player below, including a hard foul on Purdue’s Caleb Swanigan.

  • Carol

    At least he seems thrilled to be there. Maybe if he played more he would even get better. What a novel idea. Just like McRoberts great 3 point shooter but very seldom shoots, what’s up with that. The more the bench plays the stronger team you have and when starters get into foul trouble you have dependable players that can take over. Also when you have players turning the ball over all the time sit them on the bench for a while and let the others play, can’t do any worse than what the others are doing