Former Indiana forward Troy Williams turned down more money from other teams and agreed to terms of a partially-guaranteed contract with the Memphis Grizzlies on Sunday.

The contract, which includes a team option for the second year, will officially be signed when Williams arrives in Memphis on Monday. Exact financial details of the deal will be disclosed on Monday.

“It’s a partial guarantee, but it’s a good partial guarantee,” Troy’s uncle, Boo Williams, told me.

Williams also had partially-guaranteed contract offers from the Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City Thunder, Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns — for whom he played in the Summer League.

Oklahoma City offered the most money, Boo Williams said, and also offered Williams the potential opportunity to play with fellow Hoosier Victor Oladipo.

“We just felt like Troy had the best chance to make the team in Memphis,” Boo Williams said.

Williams, who was undrafted in June after leaving school a year early, earned this opportunity by his play in the NBA Summer League.

Over Phoenix’s final three Summer League games, Williams averaged 20.3 points, 6.6 rebounds and two steals per game. He greatly benefitted when Marquese Chriss sat out multiple games due to illness.

Troy’s uncle, who happens to be an AAU giant with his own program and million-dollar facility, is happy with how things turned out for his nephew. But Boo Williams wasn’t exactly convinced leaving school was the best decision for Troy.

“I always wanted him to stay in school. That would always be my choice,” Boo Williams said. “But what it came down to with him is the fact that the NBA penalizes kids who stay in school for four years. They have more time to critique them and see their flaws than guys that go after one or two years.

“If it wasn’t for Troy’s Summer League, this would have been disastrous.”

I have to say I’m happy for Troy, who I’ve gotten to know well over the last six years. I didn’t think he’d make an NBA roster, but he had his mind made up to go, and he made the most of his chance in Summer League.

Troy and his family have helped me a ton in my career, and they’re partially responsible for the best thing I’ve authored to this point. If you haven’t read it — or if you’re a Grizzlies fan and want to — here’s the link to TROY’S STORY.